Growing into a man

It is not true that Jesus didn’t have any idea of what kind of Messiah that he wanted to or intended to be.  In thirty years of life he had been building the kind of character which his mature life reflected.  The habits of thirty years could not be changed in forty days, nor would Jesus have wished to change them.  The meaning of the temptation experience is that having finished the long years of preparation and realizing the possibilities of the future, Jesus faced the necessity of deciding what it meant to be the Messiah, in all its implications.

How was he to do the work for which he had been sent into the world?  All his temptations start from this point.  What did being the son of God mean?  How would he half to act? Did he have sufficient power to perform the duties in wich he would haft to do: and if so , what use should he make of that power? what is certain about that experience is that in it Jesus went through an intense struggle with the doubts which his newly matured conviction aroused within him.

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