Jesus is born 4

I am sure that Joseph and Jesus worked together at their carpentry,  In his earthly fathers trade he acquired skills in shaping wood and stone, and the use of tools.  He also learned that his trade had spiritual implications for the building of life itself.  It was that confidence that shown itself in his dealings with man, he learned quickly about the difference between sand and rock for the foundation of a home.  And he learned that honest work, honestly done, is of infinite value in the eyes of God, that a man may dig ditches, or sweep the streets, as though he had done it as a service to the Lord.

The training of a Jewish child was apparently started at 5-6 years of age, their first teacher was their mother,  what every child of jewish decent knew, probably before they even knew what it ment was Israel’s impressive creed, it can be found in Deuteronomy

At the age of six Jesus probably went to the synagogue school, where, in the common meeting room, the men who kept the synagogue instructed the children in the law, and how to read and write. In the Sabbath service in the synagogue they heard the reading and interpretating the law of the prophets, either by the leader of the service or a wandering teacher.

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