Jesus is born

The references for this would be in Matthew and Luke. Luke begins his gospel with the forthcoming of John the Baptist, rather than the birth of Jesus.  Before the birth of John a messenger came to Nazareth in Galilee, to announce to Mary, wife of Joseph, that she too should bear a son, whose name should be Jesus, and whose kingdom would be eternal.

Not long after John was born, Caesar Augustus issued an order providing for a census, to be the basis for a new tax.  Luke relates that this order provided that every person should return to the city of his birth to be listed.  Bethlehem was the town of David’s descendants, and since Joseph, Mary’s husband, was of that family, he, with his wife, went to that village at the appointed time for the census.

Bethlehem was a small village, and the number of Davids’s descendants was apparently large.  Mary was near the time of Jesus birth,  so Joseph and Mary were forced to travel much slower than normal.  So when they finally did reach Bethlehem, the inns were taking up and the only place they could find was a small stable, where, in a manger filled with straw and surrounded by domestic animals, the infant Jesus was born unto this earth.

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