Jesus is born 3

Mary must have known poverty first hand, and at many times found herself with her physical resources drawn to nearly nothing, almost to a breaking point.  Out of such effort and pain through poverty she achieved a home which could protect the growth of her son.. So when did Mary first begin to see that her son was different from other children, when did she notice that her son’s eyes looked far beyond the things of earth, to the things that are eternal, to the eternal reality that lie at the heart of life?  The angle at the time before Jesus’ conception had told her many things that were mysterious to her, and she had told no one and kept it to herself, she couldn’t have understood, but she trusted where she couldn’t understand, a true sign of faith.

Jesus was the oldest of five brothers, and he had at least two sisters, his brothers are named in the Gospels, but not the sisters, I would imagine their names to both be Mary, but that is not a fact at all, the house that the family lived in was probably similar to the houses found in Nazareth today, square, built of stone and brick, with a dirt floor a single door, and a few windows, in these narrow quarters the family lived, ate, and slept.

Out of the shadows, from the wood dust of a carpentry shop was Jesus earthly father Joseph, the head of the household.  What was he like this man in which we know so little,  whose influence on Jesus shines so brightly.

Joseph was probably much older than Mary, and we catch no glimpse of him after Jesus twelfth birthday,  but the high respect of fatherhood shown by Jesus strongly suggest that Joseph was wise, and considerate, and that he knew how to give good things to his children.  The love and companionship he gave his children, however, were never allowed to blind their eyes to the true head of the household.  That head was God, and Joseph was the earthly counterpart of that great Being.

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