Jesus is born 2

LIVE DISCUSSION Mary and Joseph remained in Bethlehem for eight days, untill Jesus was circumcised and named the family went to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord, in accordance to jewish custom in regards to the first-born son.  After their stay in Jerusalem they returned to Nazareth.

Matthew explains wise men from the east came to see Jesus,for they had been lead by a star,  When the King Herod learned that the birth of a king in Bethlehem of Judea had been prophesied,  he had sent for the wise men, and directed them thither, and asked them to return by the way of Jerusalem, so that he, too, might come and worship the new king.

Warned by the angle not to obey Herod, the Wise Men returned to their homes a different way.  When they had gone, Joseph was warned by an angle of the Lord of Herod’s plan to kill all male children two years of age or younger, he in return fled to Egypt, where he remained untill Herod’s death, which occurred shortly after.  When it was safe to return, another messenger appeared before Joseph, and he returned with his family to Nazareth

None of the books tell us much of Jesus as a child and his education.  Only Luke and it could be summarised in a few words ” And Jesus advanced in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”

Mary, Jesus’ mother,  and her place in history is assured.  She was a simple peasant girl, without extraordinary gifts or graces.   Though she was of God,  In Luke the song she sang upon hearing from the angle that she was to bare a son ” Be it unto me according to thy word.” this is example of her obedience to the will of God,  She must have had great influence on the youthful mind of Jesus.

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